Over the Rainbow

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Over the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow
Swinging Caves Hi-Ho Moskito!
World Jibberish Jungle

RO-Electoon.png #1
RO-Electoon.png #2
150 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #3
175 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #4
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RO-Electoon.png #5
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RO-Electoon.png #6
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200 Lums
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Over the Rainbow is the seventh level of the Jibberish Jungle, the first world in Rayman Origins. It is the first of the five levels in which the Electoons build a bridge to the next level, composing of their own bodies - some Electoons allow for the player to be bounced on, while some others form a path with their long blonde hair, but first Rayman and the team of heroes have to free 10 of them in the previous levels. This level is the fifth level from this world that's not included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.


Upon entry, Murfy appears, and informs the players that Rayman and his team have saved enough Electoons to repair the path and continue towards reaching the next world, the Desert of Dijiridoos. While Darkroots appear in this level, they all move out of the way and don't cause any actual trouble. At the end of the bridge is a Lividstone guarding a cage of Electoons that is yet to be broken. After saving the Electoons, the team poses on a photoboard, and the Magician waits to see the total amount of Lums that were collected in the level.

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