Poor Little Daisy

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Poor Little Daisy
Poor Little Daisy
Still Flowing Savage Swarms
World Ticklish Temples

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50 Lums
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100 Lums
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150 Lums
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Poor Little Daisy is the seventh and last level of the Ticklish Temples, a world in Rayman Origins. This level consists of a boss battle against Carnivora, the first of the four Kings which were transformed into monsters; the heroes must defeat them in order to transform them back into their original form. This is the fifth level from this world, and the eighth overall that is included in the Back to Origins painting from Rayman Legends.

Original version

Area 1

The boss battle begins before too long; the heroes will need to move quickly, as Carnivora pursues them. They must quickly climb a vertical passage, using platforms like nenuphars and Platformmen to aid them. At times, Carnivora will stop climbing, roar several times, causing platforms to crumble, and then continue to climb again with more momentum. The first Skull Coin of the level can be found by going right, and through an open passage next to a vine. The second Skull Coin can be found by going left of the second Lum King near some Darkroots. Eventually, the heroes will reach the top of the area; they must proceed to the right and continue to avoid Carnivora as she pursues them. The heroes will soon pass through a narrow passage, where Carnivora stops, as the passage is too narrow for her to fit through.

Area 2

In this area, the heroes must avoid Darkroots for briefly, before falling into a room below where Carnivora resides; this is where the actual battle takes place. Carnivora will walk forward, and the heroes must run up the walls in order to avoid her. Carnivora will then hit her head against the wall, causing a bubo to appear. Once the heroes hit this bubo, Carnivora will become stunned, and then walk on the ceiling, proceeding to hit her head against the floor. She will do this several times, as the heroes proceed to run beneath Carnivora in between their attacks. After hitting the floor several times, Carnivora will release her grip on the ceiling, laying there on her head while a bubo forms on her underside. After hitting this bubo, Carnivora will flip over and jump several times, during which the heroes must run underneath her. Eventually, Carnivora shoots her long tongue forward across the room, and a bubo appears in her mouth. The heroes must run up the tongue and hit the bubo to defeat Carnivora, who will then return to her normal self, ending the level. The heroes will pose on the photoboard as the Magician waits for the amount of Lums that were collected throughout the level.

Poor Little Daisy
Poor Little Daisy
Hunter Gatherer Best Original Score
World Jibberish Jungle

RL-Teensy.png 3

75 Lums
150 Lums
225 Lums
300 Lums

Back to Origins

In the Back to Origins version, there are not many differences between the original version; except of the notable elements from Rayman Legends replacing some of the elements from the game. One difference is shown after Carnivora is defeated; when he is, he won't say anything, and naturally no dialogue box will show.

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