Tricky Treasure Temple

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Tricky Treasure Temple
Tricky Treasure Temple
World Mystical Pique

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Tricky Treasure Temple is the third level of the Mystical Pique, the fifth world in Rayman Origins. It is the fifth Tricky Treasure level, where Rayman and his friends must chase a Tricky Treasure for a Skull Tooth. This is the second level from this world and seventeenth overall that's not included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.


Rayman and his team find the Tricky Treasure at the end of the first platform. The chest thinks Rayman is going to beat him up, so he runs away, and the chase begins. Getaway bluegrass music plays once the chase starts. Throughout the chase area, the place appears to be underground, with water coming down in places. There are various stone structures with faces on them down here, as well. Not long into the level, as Rayman and the team runs, many large, jagged spikes pop out of the ground behind them or come down from above, and a few times, rectangular stones come from the walls, attempting to crush them. There are more and more spikes as the heroes get farther into the level. Right before the end, a large round stone face surrounded by spikes rolls after the team a short ways before hitting a wall. Once there is no room left to run, the Tricky Treasure will come to a stop, allowing the players to punch it open. The Skull Tooth can now be collected to give back to Mister Death.


  • This level was demonstrated in E3 2011 but it was much shorter than its final version.

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