It's a Jungle Out There...

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It's a Jungle Out There...
It's a Jungle Out There...
Geyser Blowout
World Jibberish Jungle

RO-Electoon.png #1
RO-Electoon.png #2
50 Lums
RO-Electoon.png #3
100 Lums
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150 Lums
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It's a Jungle Out There is the first level of the Jibberish Jungle, the first world in Rayman Origins. In this level, the heroes meet Betilla the Fairy, who they must rescue from a Darktoon. As a tutorial level, this level does not feature any secret areas with Electoon cages or a time trial, and the level does not feature in the Back to Origins painting in Rayman Legends. The level's name is presumably a reference to the song of the same name by Randy Newman.

Area 1

As soon as the heroes enter this level, they encounter Betilla the Fairy, who has been trapped inside the mouth of a Darktoon. The heroes must chase this Darktoon until it reaches a dead end inside of a gigantic mountain-like monster. To make the monster open his mouth and get inside, the heroes must jump on the two explosive bulbs situated on its head, giving them a chance to destroy it and free Betilla. In appreciation, she gives them the power to attack, similar to how she gave Rayman the telescopic fist in the original Rayman game.

A colourful and ornate castle with many domes, built over a river which runs through a valley surrounded by jungle can be seen in the background. The Skull Coin in this area is located on the top of the first mountain. The end of the area displays the return of the Livingstones, now renamed in Rayman Origins as Lividstones. This is first enemy that the heroes face with their new attack power.

Area 2

The heroes move on into deep forestry, where they are able to come to grips with their new attacking abilities. In order to successfully traverse some of the obstacles, the heroes will need to hit various bulbs. Green bulbs can retract and release nenuphars that the heroes can jump upon to progress. Blue bulbs retract and release spiky flowers that can damage the heroes, however, they can also use them to their advantage by using them against unsuspecting Lividstones, though unlike attacking them, this will not yield the heroes any Lums. The heroes must be aware of which bulb they activate or deactivate, in order to avoid being bubblized by the spiky flowers or the Lividstones in the area. The second Skull Coin in this area is located between a wall and spiky flowers; to reach it, the heroes must jump from a nenuphar, while carefully avoiding the flowers.

Area 3

In the final phase, the heroes must defeat all of the enemies in the area in order to break the cage at the end of the level. Two Psychlops can be seen sleeping together, a Lividstone is seen in the middle of the lower platform, another Psychlops is situated close to a geyser, and a hunter can be seen guarding the cage on the top of a platform, shooting his missiles at a green bulb in order to make a nenuphar release and retract constantly. Once all of the enemies have been defeated, the magic force shield will disappear and the Electoon cage can be broken. When done, the photoboard appears, and the heroes pose for a picture. As the heroes pose, the Magician waits in anticipation to see the total amount of Lums that were collected throughout the level.

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