Elixir (Rayman Adventures)

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This article is about the potions from Rayman Adventures. For the elixir in Rayman 2, see Elixir of Life.
Another Surprise Egg? Reuniting the families will take ages! Unless... Take this New Creature Elixir! If you use it on a Surprise Egg, it will turn into an Incrediball Egg!
—Hedgeworth, Rayman Adventures
Elixirs can only be used in the incubator.
The in-game information screen for the different elixirs.

Elixirs are potions found in Rayman Adventures which can be used on hatching eggs to change their rarity or remaining hatching time. There are four different elixirs, of which only 3 can be purchased using gems. The first two are the silver and gold elixirs which changes the egg' to either a silver or gold egg. These can't be used on an egg with a higher rarity than the respective elixir being used. The next one is the new creature elixir which turns a surprise egg into a normal egg containing a new creature. This can only be used if there are any creatures remaining of the rarity the egg is. The last elixir is a time elixir which reduces the hatching time by 30 minutes for each elixir being used. This is the only one not purchasable using gems and can only be obtained as gifts from friends or from lucky tickets.