Elixir of Life

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This article is about the potion from Rayman 2. For the elixirs in Rayman Adventures, see Elixir (Rayman Adventures).
The Elixir of Life.

The Elixir of Life (also known as the Life Potion) is a potion in Rayman 2 that is found only in the Cave of Bad Dreams. When Rayman finds Clark in the Menhir Hills, it is mandatory to go back to the Marshes of Awakening and find the cave, because Clark is found seriously ill and the Elixir is the only way he can recover.

Jano, the Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams, has the Elixir, and gives it to Rayman when he chooses not to take any of the treasure that he finds at the end of that level, rewarding his selflessness. It is a green liquid that is stored in a skull which Jano carries on the top of his staff.

An image of the Elixir of Life can be found in the pause menu in the PlayStation version and Rayman Revolution when in the Cave of Bad Dreams.

In Rayman Revolution, it has an extra-special appearance in the Schplong, where it is the ball.