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An ancient egg that appears in the reveal trailer for Rayman Adventures.

Ancient Eggs are the main objects in Rayman Adventures. These eggs contain the Incrediballs, creatures who are inside these eggs. The Ancient Eggs used to reside inside the Sacred Tree, that is until some Lividstones broke inside the tree, stole the eggs, and unaware to them, had the eggs scattered all over the Glade of Dreams. One of these eggs fall upon Rayman or Barbara (whoever the player chooses) and this starts off the premise for the game. Eggs appear on both the world map and Adventure Map and are shown to be imprisoned in cages.

The eggs being stolen, as seen in the intro.
The eggs from the intro.


Ancient Eggs look like any ordinary egg, but they have scales upon their shells and come in four different colors that represent their rarity.

  • Bronze: These eggs are common, meaning the player will be finding these more than others on the Adventure Map.
  • Silver: These eggs are uncommon, meaning the player will be finding these less than bronze eggs, but more than gold and crystal eggs on the Adventure Map.
  • Gold: These eggs are rare, meaning the player will be finding these less than bronze and silver eggs, but are way more common than crystal eggs on the Adventure Map.
  • Crystal (Purple): These eggs are royal. These are rarest eggs in the game. These eggs only appear on the Adventure Map when all other lower rarity members of an Incrediball family have been found and hatched.

The Incubator

Main article: Incubator

Before the player can release the Incrediball within, the eggs must be incubated inside the incubator. In previous versions of the game, the hatch time for each egg was eight hours. But beginning in the 1.3.7 update, the hatch time has been reduced to four hours and in the 1.4.0 update, some eggs' wait times were reduced to two hours with bronze and silver surprise eggs only taking 30 minutes. Gold surprise eggs take an hour and thirty minutes to hatch. While inside the incubator, the player can use the elixirs they have obtained and alter the egg's rarity or hatch time. Though if the player finds and incubates a non-surprise egg, they cannot use a new creature elixir on it as that egg guarantees a new creature when hatched.

Event Exclusive Eggs

Event Exclusive Eggs were introduced in version 1.4.0. For each event in the game, there are special event eggs which can be obtained using the collectibles of the event. Each event egg guaranteed one new member of the event-exclusive Incrediball families inside.

  • Easter Egg Hunt - Choco-Egg, costed 350 Easter Eggs.
  • Summer Beach Ball Hunt - Beach-Egg, costed 400 Beach Balls.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Hunt - Pumpkin-Egg, costed 300 Pumpkins.
  • Winter Hunt - Snow-Egg, costed 300 Festive Decorations.
  • Golden Goblet Hunt - Armored Egg, costed 300 Golden Goblets.
  • Spin Wheel Fiesta! - Maracas Egg, costed 300 Fiery Chillies.
  • Summer Marathon - Trophy Egg, costed 300 Golden Medals.
  • Raybeard's Treasure Hunt - Sunken Egg, costed 300 Doubloons.
  • Hell-O-Wheel - Eggs-Hell Egg, costed 300 Cursed Bones.
  • Desert Marathon - Sarcoph-Egg-Us, costed 300 Scarabs.
  • Golden Marathon - Maneki-Neggo, costed 300 Cherry Blossoms.
  • Galacto-Wheel Challenge - EGGS-23, costed 300 Kryptorium.
  • Dungeon Marathon - Castle Egg, costed 300 Luckstones.
  • Ray-Gnarr's Icy Expedition - Fossil-Iced Egg, costed 350 Meat Shanks.

Each event had a special design for the eggs that only appeared in the event's shop.

  • The Choco-Egg is an egg that resembles a candy Easter egg. It is wrapped in light blue foil and has a light yellow ribbon tied around it.
  • The Beach-Egg is a brown egg that is covered by a green pail on top and a blue castle mold on bottom.
  • The Pumpkin-Egg is an egg that resembles a pumpkin. Its content within are two eyes, a worm, and is filled with a red, gooey liquid. It also has a spider on top of it.
  • The Snow-Egg is an egg to resemble a snowman as it is completely made of snow, wears a hat & scarf, has twigs sticking out of it, and is adorned with Christmas lights.
  • The Armored Egg is an egg that resembles that of a silver Fabergé egg.
  • The Maracas egg is an egg that resembles that of a maracas.
  • The Trophy Egg is an egg that resembles that of an atlas trophy, showcasing a world map on the upper half of the egg.
  • The Sunken Egg is an egg that resembles a sunken treasure chest.
  • The Eggs-Hell Egg is an egg that resembles a hatched egg with two horns on top with a shadowy mist coming out of it with little white eyes peeping out.
  • The Sarcoph-Egg-Us is an egg that resembles King Tut's bust only with the face being replaced by a cat.
  • The Maneki-Neggo is an egg that resembles a Maneki-neko.
  • The EGGS-23 is an egg that resembles a rocket.
  • The Castle Egg is an egg that resembles a castle.
  • The Fossil-Iced is an egg that resembles an iced fossil.

Surprise Eggs

Hey, look what I found! It looks like an Incrediball Egg, but not quite... I wonder what's inside? Let's crack it open!

Starting from version 1.5.5, duplicate eggs have now been replaced by surprise eggs. These eggs don't hatch new Incrediballs, but will instead reward the player with items, such as gems or food. All elixirs can be used on these eggs. Surprise eggs come in all rarities except crystal (royal).


Easter Egg Hunt

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Beach Balls' Hunt

Pumpkin Hunt

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Spin Wheel Fiesta!

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Galacto-Wheel Challenge

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