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Mallets are enemies in the shape of musical instruments found in Band Land, the second world of the original Rayman game. Each mallet is held by a large white hand, which continually strikes the surface of the ground with it; the surface is often a giant drum. If Rayman is struck by a mallet, he loses health. In some versions of the game, getting struck by a mallet temporarily flattens him. The white hands holding the drumsticks often seem to be attached to lightning eyes, or even benevolent eyes, which makes their status as enemies uncertain.

In Rayman Designer, there are three different types of mallets which appear as events in Band Land. These are the Stunning mallets, Fast stunning mallets and Catapult mallets. The Stunning mallets and Fast stunning mallets are identical to the ones seen in the original Rayman game, with the fast stunning one being slightly faster. The Catapult mallet on the other hand is a new event which doesn't actually damage Rayman, but rather helps him reach higher areas by launching him upwards.