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One of the Suns shining above Gong Heights in the original Rayman game.

The Suns are the two yellow stars, one large and one small, which lie at the centre of the binary star system in which the Rayman series takes place. The Glade of Dreams – the setting of the games – is located on a relatively Earth-like planet which orbits these two Suns. The star system appears to be an eclipsing binary one, as the number of Suns visible fluctuates between one and two.

The Suns are only occasionally glimpsed in the original Rayman game. One of the Suns can be seen shining through the clouds in Gong Heights – it features an additional 'glowing' animation in the Sega Saturn version of the game. A Sun can also be seen in three of the holiday images displayed during the game's end credits.

The Suns can be seen more frequently in Rayman 2, partly due to the player's new freedom to look around. This is the first game where both Suns can be seen at the same time. One of them is noticeably larger than the other.

Both Suns can also be seen in Rayman 3. They make an appearance in the scorching Desert of the Knaaren.

Both Suns can be seen again in Rayman Origins. The appear in Snake Eyes, a level in the Grumbling Grottos.

Outside of the main Rayman games, the Suns (or Sun) continue to make appearances. One can be seen in the Game Boy Advance version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, where it is visible on the horizon of the Sweets world; its rays can also be seen in most of the game's other worlds.

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