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Tarayzan gives Rayman a magic seed, which grows into a plant immediately. To grow plants, press “X”.
—Manual (PC version), Rayman
The magic seed grows into a flower that Rayman can stand on.

The magic seed is a temporary power in the original Rayman game and its remakes, as well as Rayman Junior and Rayman Designer, that allows Rayman to instantly grow bow-tied flowers, akin to the floating type commonly found in the Dream Forest. Rayman can then use them to reach higher ground.



The magic seed is used only once in the original Rayman game, in which it is given to Rayman by Tarayzan as a reward for knocking down his loincloth in the first stage of the Swamps of Forgetfulness. Once in his hands, the seed temporarily replaces the grimace, and as soon as the first seed is planted, the area begins to flood, and then he has to keep using the seed to reach higher ground and avoid drowning. Only two flowers can be planted at once.

Rayman Junior

In Rayman Junior, the magic seed is used in the Rising Tides level in a similar fashion, though the seed must only be planted on the right soil (the correct answer to the question), otherwise out will come a vicious flower that can cause instant death.

Planting a magic seed in a maleficent soil grows a deadly carnivorous plant.