Bomb pirate

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Bomb pirate
Bomb pirate
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman
Location Eraser Plains

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Resistance 2 HP
Attacks Bombs, karate kick

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The bomb pirate is one of Space Mama's two cabin boys, whom Rayman must defeat at the end of Eraser Plains in Picture City.

He looks like a blue-green extraterrestrial with an eye-patch and a fringe, wearing a striped bonnet.

He first throws bombs at Rayman from the crow's nest when the latter is fighting the ring pirate. Then, Rayman has to punch the crow's nest until he goes down, but the pirate throws several bombs after each hit. (This behaviour could have inspired the Hoodboom's attack pattern from Rayman 3.) Once they are face to face, he keeps throwing bombs at Rayman, but he can also kick him if he comes too close. He can also duck to dodge Rayman's fist.

Like bosses, he only suffers one damage per punch, regardless of any attack bonus caused by a Golden Fist, a charged fist or a punch when jumping.

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