Garden Raygnome

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The Raygnome is a plaster art object. It is also available as an escutcheon, a plum juice miniature, a spoon handle, an ashtray and a shakeable snowstorm souvenir.
—Official description, Rayman 3

Garden Raygnomes are garden gnomes found only in the second phase of the Fairy Council, the first of nine levels in Rayman 3. These Raygnomes are so named because they resemble Rayman – and every character who appeared in the original Rayman game – in that they have no arms, legs or necks. Their body parts float disconnectedly from each other. Unlike the snowmen found in the Summit Beyond the Clouds, which can be broken with Rayman's telescopic fist, Garden Raygnomes can be smashed by Rayman's foot (since at the time Globox has stolen his hands and hidden in a barrel of plum juice), revealing the collectible gems that were hidden within them.

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