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Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Species Bird
Status Background character, ally

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Notebirds are benevolent birds that appear in Rayman Origins. They have several features from different kinds of birds from the real world, such as the body of a parrot and the three feathers of an Indian peafowl on their heads; some Notebirds bear big beaks, resembling more toucans. Notebirds can be seen sitting on staffs, which can be disabled and enabled if the player pushes the corresponding switch. If the player disables a staff, the Notebirds sitting on it will fly away, and will come back if the player enables it again. Notebirds, along with their Bumper equivalents seem to be the only birds from the Desert of Dijiridoos that don't want to harm the player; instead, the player can use Notebirds as living platforms to reach distant places, much like the Platformman. However, they only can carry the player temporarily, as they will start lowering line by line until they find the end of the staff and fall. When a Notebird falls, another one appears and sits again on the upper line of the staff. The size of a Notebird's beak doesn't determine anything but the precision that the players requires when landing on it. Notebirds' form slightly resembles an eight note.