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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
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Platformmen are fairy-like creatures that inhabit the Jibberish Jungle in Rayman Origins. They, along with the Lums and the Red Wizards, became some of the most notable physically abused magic creatures of the Glade of Dreams when the Livid Dead and other nightmarish creatures started to invade it. Platformmen can be found caught in small non-flying phials (presumably, caught by the Lividstones); there, their bodies are completely compressed, and only one hand is fully seen out of the phial, asking for help. When a player breaks their phials, the Platformmen caught inside can be seen in their real form; they are semi-square cyan coloured creatures with blue butterfly-like wings, long arms, short legs with green shoes and a crazed smily face. When freed from a phial, the Platformman caught inside flies gleefully to a certain place where he will keep static, offering the players to use his back as a platform in appreciation for saving him. Platformmen give access to the players to distant places, although these can be easily reached by using the helicopter or just a precise jump. Saving a Platformman is completely optional in regular levels, and practically only required for inexperienced players; however, in the level Poor Little Daisy several Platformmen must be rescued in order to avoid Carnivora and scale to the top of the phase 1. The resemblance in name, function and colour scheme suggests that the Platformmen are closely related to the Swingmen.