Lum Medal

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A Lum Medal.

Lum Medals are collectible items in Rayman Origins, given as a reward when the Magician's test tube is filled to the top with Lums. When a Lum Medal is collected, several colorful lights appear (possibly, from a non visible disco ball) while funky music plays, and the players remove the photoboard to start dancing. The number of Lums required to reach the top of the test tube can range from 150 to 350 Lums, depending on the type of medallion each area carries. The shorter levels, which have 3 Electoons to obtain require 150, the Electoon levels require 200 and the longer levels, which have 6 Electoons require 350 Lums to fill the Lum tube and gain a Medal. Unlike Electoons, speed trophiess and Skull Teeth, these are not essential for completing the game, nor for acquiring achievements in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Lum Medals can be found in every level of the game, except for the Land of the Livid Dead, Tricky Treasure levels, and the boss levels in Moody Clouds where Lums are absent.