Bumper Jelly

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Artwork of Bumper Jelly.

Bumper Jelly is a unique creature in Rayman Origins, only found in the level Fickle Fruit at the Luscious Lakes, in a secret room where an Electoon cage is hidden. It appears to be a large rectangular bar of green gelatine, lying on an icy platform which moves from left to right. The remarkably small eyes confirm that the Bumper Jelly is a living creature, though it doesn't react to the presence of Rayman or the other playable characters. The characters can use the Bumper Jelly's bouncy surface to reach the large ice blocks on the highest part of the room, where two Baby Dragon Waiters can be seen skating around. The heroes must perform a crush attack in order to access easily and break the ice blocks, consequently bubblizing the Baby Dragon Waiters. After breaking the Electoon cage, the Bumper Jelly is never seen again in the game. The way in which the Bumper Jelly is used to break large blocks on the top of the screen is a reference to the classic arcade game Breakout, where the player must use a bouncy bar to guide a small ball through a layer of bricks to break them.