Le bouingue

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Rayman and Bzzit in le bouingue.

Le bouingue, also known in German as Das große PÄNG, is one of the three minigames (along with feu nourri and multiplication des pains) available in Rayman 100 Levels and Rayman Collector.


In this minigame, Rayman is riding Bzzit, against a Gong Heights background. The objective is to collect as many points as possible by popping 'R’ balloons by reaching them. Each balloon gives 14 points. During the gameplay, Rayman and Bzzit are automatically bouncing on the floor of the screen. To have them bounce higher up, the player must press the ‘up’ arrow key. There is a bar on the bottom-right corner that decreases as time passes; the decrease can be delayed by popping the ‘R’ balloons. Sometimes the smiling rock which topped the totem pole in Mr Stone's Peaks appears on the screen, and must be avoided; touching it will cause the bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen to decrease significantly. The game finishes when the bar completely disappears, or when the player loses their three lives. Once finished, the player's score will be shown on a small score list.