An Architect's Nightmare

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An Architect's Nightmare
An Architect's Nightmare
Run between the lights!
World Murfy's Challenges

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An Architect's Nightmare is the fifth level in the PlayStation Vita exclusive Murfy's Challenges. The level is based on the Olympus Maximus theme.


Although this level is mostly inspired by Hell Breaks Loose it has a unique twist on it where the level appears to made out of "block" which slide in from the background. The player is first tasked with cutting some ropes holding some platforms, and then moving a buzzsaw upwards to not hurt the hero. Several Red Minotaurs will appear along the way here. After this several more buzzsaw will appear which the player has to move out of the way, either upwards or downwards. Several block-like platforms will then appear which the player has to vertically to the correct placement to allow the hero continue without getting hurt by the blocking stationary buzzsaws. At the end of this section is a Skull Coin.

After this the hero will bounce on some drums and then start running up some walls with buzzsaws. The player has to move these out of the way while the hero jumps between different walls while fire is behind. Another Skull Coin can be found here. After escaping the fire the hero will bounce of some more drums while the player moves some buzzsaws and platforms. More fire will then come out, chasing the hero to an area with several buzzsaws in a row which have to be moved upwards while the platforms beneath switch positions to the right to make a path for the hero to be on. After this a short wall running section appears which ends with the hero bouncing of a drum, landing on a mushroom and being taken to the end of the level in the background.