Kung Foot

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The Kung Foot painting

Kung Foot is a minigame featured in Rayman Legends. It is based off the sport of football, also known as soccer in some countries. Kung Foot can be accessed through a painting in the Main Gallery, and it also appears in the game Brawlhalla as a playable game mode.


For the minigame to start the players have to chose their teams. There are two teams available; the blue and the red, with the red team being the Lividstones and the blue being the toads. To choose a team, the players have to hang in one of the six rings available. Two to four players can join, with the maximum being three players on a team. Once the teams have been chosen, the game begins by the soccer ball being thrown in to the middle of the arena. The players can then hit it, similarly to the soccer balls in several of the game's rescue missions, to have it bounce in the opposite direction. The goal is to get it into the other team's goal. The game goes on for two minutes and the winner is decided by the number of goals scored. There is no reward for winning due to it only being a friendly competition.

In the game Brawlhalla, Kung Foot also appears as its own game mode. It plays the same way as in Legends but up to 8 players can be in a round.

In Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, Kung Foot receives some new features. A Single Player mode has been added as well as a tournament mode in which up to 8 teams can compete.

The Kung Foot Tournament painting from Rayman Legends Definitive Edition.


  • The minigame was originally created for Rayman Origins as a celebration for the game's release among the developers.
  • Mentioning of the Kung Foot minigame has been discovered in the files of Rayman Adventures suggesting that it was originally planned to appear, or will appear in a future update.