Run between the lights!

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Run between the lights!
Run between the lights!
Hot Duck An Architect's Nightmare
World Murfy's Challenges

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Run between the lights! is the fourth level in the PlayStation Vita exclusive Murfy's Challenges. The level is based on the 20,000 Lums Under the Sea theme.


The level begins in a small corridor leading to the right in a similar setting to the Deadly Lights. Once the player releases Murfy there is a red switch which has to held down in order to open up a blocking obstacle for the hero to continue. Once done, the hero will run through an area filled with several more switches, this time connected to Dark Sentry lights. Along this path are several Spy Toads which have to be avoided.

Eventually the player will reach an area where two big box-like platforms are held up by ropes which have to be cut. Right after this are two more Spy Toads and then another Dark Sentry, this time connected to two switches, blocking the light on two different areas. Past this is another rope needed to be cut in order to have a platform fall down. Then there is another switch connected to a Dark Sentry which needs to be held down to allow the hero to wall jump up to an area where some Spy Toads are waiting.

After this the hero will dive into a water filled area where a Skull Coin is located to the left. The player is first greeted by some Spy Toads and eventually red missiles coming from both directions which the player has to move away from the hero. During this a row of Lums will move towards the hero which the player can touch to turn purple. Before jumping out of the water, the payer has to hold down yet another switch connected to a Dark Sentry.

After a row of Lums the player will encounter three Dark Sentries with lights pointing upwards. Hitting the switches next to each one will make a platform appear above it, blocking the light and allowing the player to jump on it to continue. Before reaching the end of the level there are three hammer-shaped platforms held up by ropes which the player has to cut down to have them swing to the side and blocking light from several Dark Sentries.