The Neverending Pit

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The Neverending Pit painting.

The Neverending Pit is a location that features in Rayman Legends. It is one of the locations that the Online Challenges can take place in. It is also the setting for the levels 600 Feet Under and 6,000 Feet Under.


A Lum collection challenge, in the Neverending Pit

The Neverending Pit has a jungle-like aesthetic, with elements of medieval construction at its top and in some of its obstacles. The Pit itself consists of vines, Darkroots and other rocky structures, sometimes lined with thorns. Other obstacles include fire and spinning medieval spikes. Toads and fire ghosts can be encountered when descending through the pit, and in the case of the latter, can only be avoided, and not hit.

Much like The Infinite Tower, this location focuses on vertical movement, but unlike the Tower, this location focuses on a controlled descent as opposed to an ascent. As such, the helicopter ability sees much use, though depending on the challenge, a ground pound attack can help quickly descend, which is useful in timed challenges, but run the risk of getting the player hit, if they do not position themselves correctly.

Challenges in the Endless Pit can be tailored to both distance and Lum collection challenges. Often, players will be asked to quickly reach a certain depth as fast as they can, or collect a set amount of Lums as fast as they can. Players may also encounter challenges where they must achieve the best depth they can, without getting hit.