The Infinite Tower

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The Infinite Tower painting.

The Infinite Tower is a location that features in Rayman Legends. It is one of the locations that the Online Challenges can take place in and is also the setting for the levels Up, Up and Get Away! and Up, Up and Escape!.


A distance challenge, within The Endless Tower

The Infinite Tower has a desert like aesthetic that takes some cues from the Desert of Dijiridoos from Rayman Origins. Much like the name implies, the location consists of a constantly sinking tall structure that appears to go on forever. The area does not contain enemies, but due to the constant sinking, it is important for players to ensure they remain ahead, lest they fall into the ground and sink. Darkroots are also common obstacles, and are often placed in places to force the player to jump or otherwise manoeuvre around to prevent getting hit.

The Tower specialises in its vertical nature, players will find themselves jumping and wall-running often to maintain their ascent. In order to successfully navigate through the tower, players will need to be especially dextrous and react properly to incoming obstacles and growing vines and Darkroots, a confused or mistimed reaction will often lead to the player falling into the ground and immediately being bubblised, or hitting a Darkroot, thus, it is important to pay close attention in order to fulfil challenges set in this location.

Challenges in the Infinite Tower tend to involve distances, be that getting as high as possible, or getting to a certain height as fast as possible.