Breathing Fire!

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Breathing Fire!
Breathing Fire!
How to Shoot your Dragon Castle Rock
World Teensies In Trouble

RL-Teensy.png 3

25 Lums
50 Lums
75 Lums
100 Lums

Breathing Fire! is the ninth level of Teensies In Trouble, the first world in Rayman Legends. This is where the fight against the first boss of the game, Medieval Dragon, takes place.


Rayman and the heroes are in an area where there's castles on fire, and a bunch of surrounding Lividstones from the background and foreground. After receiving the Blue Punch power-up from Gandalf and defeating a bunch of Lividstones, the Medieval Dragon appears. The players must dodge his flame attacks. When he gets to a lower level, the Blue Punch must be used in order to defeat him. It stuns the Medieval Dragon, but it doesn't defeat him. He brakes the wooden platform so the team must get to another platform. Again, the players must dodge his attacks before being able to climb up and attack with the Blue Punch. This doesn't defeat the Medieval Dragon yet, so the process repeats on another platform. This time with the Blue Punch, the Medieval Dragon is completely stunned from the attack, and loses control of flying. He slams into a couple of large castles and falls down, destroying a bunch of Lividstones while doing so. The heroes find the Dark Teensy again, now stuck between two platforms. The Blue Punch must be fully charged so that the Dark Teensy will fly out of the Glade of Dreams and onto a moon where he gets stuck head-down. A few unknown creatures spot the Dark Teensy and they begin to poke him in the form of a tune. The level is now completed.

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