Elder Teensy

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Elder Teensy
Elder Teensy
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Legends, Rayman Adventures
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Sex Male
Species Teensy
Status Wizard

Relatives Polokus (creator)

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Elder Teensy is a character that appears in Rayman Legends. He appears as an old Teensy wearing red clothes, sporting a long white beard, and carrying a large wooden stick with a strange orb in it. He usually appears riding a cloud, and his job is to grant the player infinite Blue Punches in certain levels of the game, like A Madman's Creation! and When Toads Fly.

Elder Teensy also makes a reappearance in Rayman Adventures, standing on a cloud by the Sacred Tree. Touching him leads the player to the leaderboards area, where they can compare their progress with friends and other players worldwide.