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The title screen of Balloons.
The Hoodlums love traveling by balloon. It's exotic, it's sporty and it weeds out the clumsier soldiers ...
—In-game description, Rayman 3

Balloons is the seventh of the nine minigames which can be unlocked and played in every version of Rayman 3. It is unlocked by earning 155,000 points.


This minigame takes place in the seas of the Glade of Dreams, probably in the Looming Sea. The main goal is to help Rayman reach the top of Globox's ship by jumping from balloon to balloon while refilling the red bar with gems and not falling into the Sea. The control method is the same as in regular gameplay in Rayman 3. The red bar represents Rayman's health that slowly decreases as time passes. To refill the red bar, the player must catch the gems scattered around the landscape: the yellow gems refill a little of the red bar, the red gems refill more of the red bar than the yellow ones, and the green gems refill a lot more of the red bar than all the previous ones. Rayman can also find two types of Laser-Washing Powder that will help him during the path: the Throttle Copter and the LockJaw, both working in the very same way as in regular gameplay of Rayman 3. If the red bar gets completely empty or Rayman falls to the sea, the player loses the minigame immediately. The yellow bar represents the remaining distance to reach the top of Globox's ship, that slowly gets reduced as the player gets closer to it. Globox can be seen in the prow of the ship with his arms outstretched. This is a reference to the movie Titanic. The player wins when the yellow bar is completely empty and Rayman reaches the top of the ship.


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