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An old Meadowscrew with a wrinkly stalk.
—In-game description, Rayman 3
A Meadowscrew in the Land of the Livid Dead.

A Meadowscrew is a large mushroom with a screw-shaped stem, found only in Rayman 3. Meadowscrews can be found in the Fairy Council, Clearleaf Forest, the Bog of Murk, the Land of the Livid Dead, the Desert of the Knaaren and Hoodlum Headquarters. If Rayman is equipped with the Vortex power-up of Laser-Washing Powder, his punches will cause the Meadowscrews to spin and screw deeply into the ground. This grants points and often allows Rayman to jump onto the lowered Meadowscrew and use it as a platform.