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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman 3
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Status Background character, ally

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Mawpaws are a strange type of creature encountered several times throughout Rayman 3. They loosely resemble a plesiosaur, except that they have hand-shaped heads, and they are capable of flight.

One of them is seen for the first time emerging from a lake in the very first segment of the Fairy Council where Murfy has to carry Rayman to escape from the Hoodlums. In the Bog of Murk some Mawpaws are seen flying aimlessly through the air at the beginning of the level. Later, in the dungeon beneath Count Razoff's mansion, another Mawpaw can be found. It seems to have been imprisoned there by Razoff. This Mawpaw helpfully picks up Rayman and places him back in the battle if Rayman falls down into the pits of the dungeon (much to the ire of the imprisoned Globox, who would rather that his friend stay there with him).

In addition to frequenting the skies above the marshes, Mawpaws are also known to live in the ocean; if Rayman falls overboard the ship in the first phase of the Summit Beyond the Clouds, a Mawpaw picks him out of the water and puts him back on board.