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Lums, as they appear in Rayman Origins.

The Lums in the UbiArt games are beings of pure energy that can be collected by the heroes. They do not fit into the system of colours used for the Lums in the other games of the Rayman series. These Lums are shown as sentient creatures with arms, legs, wings, eyes and mouths; unlike other games where Lums are simply orbs of energy with wings.

In Rayman Origins

Lums (pronounced “Looms,” like ilLUMination, and not Lums, for dumb) are beings of pure energy possessed of a mind­bogglingly sunny disposition. They are an important source of magical energy in the Glade of Dreams, making Lums Racing a popular Glade­wide sport. The competition pits up to four players against each other in crazy cross­country competitions to collect Lums. Anything goes in this wild race, or as we say around here, no smack is too packed. While all players go home winners, only one takes the prize: the player who nabs the most nap­happy Lums, of course! No holds barred!
—Official site, Rayman Origins
Lums can be quite illuminating, for those who know how to use their energy...
Rayman swimming towards a row of Lums.

They can alternate between yellow and red, but they do not have the same effects or appearances as Yellow Lums or Red Lums. The player often comes across large, crowned Lums called Lum Kings. Collecting a Lum King causes all the Lums in the area to sing and dance for a few seconds, while their colour changes from its usual yellow to red. While in this state, each Lum is worth two. Lums can be found floating freely or hidden inside nenuphars and Bulb-o-Lums. They can also be gained by bubblizing and defeating enemies. At the end of each level, the heroes give their Lums to the Magician, who grants them Electoons in exchange. At the end of the game, it is revealed that the Magician has been using these Lums to power the mechanical army he built in the Moody Clouds to take over the Glade of Dreams and rid it of the Bubble Dreamer.

Due to several glitches causing Lum-yielding objects to reappear indefinitely, the number of Lums in Rayman Origins is probably unlimited. However, considering the limit of 999 Lums per level, the known maximum in the whole game is over 23000; the amount of 999 Lums is displayed on the level-end screen even if the player has collected more. The Tings in the original Rayman are also in an unlimited number; however, Rayman 2 makes it clear that there are only 1,000 Yellow Lums in existence, and they are currently contained in the Heart of the World at the time of Origins.

In Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman picking up a Lum in Rayman Jungle Run.

In Rayman Jungle Run there are a total of 100 Lums to be found in each level. The player is rewarded with a Skull tooth once all Lums are collected in a level. 5 of these teeth will unlock the worlds Land of the Livid Dead level. The more Lums the player collects, the more artwork is revealed in the menu.

Originally there was a bug causing Lums not to be reset correctly upon replaying a level, thus making it possibly to obtain more than 100 Lums in a level. This has since been fixed.

In Rayman Legends

A Lum chain, as seen in Rayman Legends.

In Rayman Legends, Lums can now alternate between yellow and purple. Many Lums are part of chains, with the first link being purple. Every purple link the hero collects triggers the next link to turn purple, while collecting any other link makes the entire chain turn yellow. Therefore, as each Lum in purple state is worth two, collecting the chain in the correct order ensures a significant gain.

During the development of the Wii U version of the game, videos revealed that Lums could be painted purple by Murfy, adding not only the regular amount of Lums for the player's score, but also the exact same amount of Lums for Murfy's score. This duplicated the final score of Lums, which were later used to unlock bonuses. Unlike the red colour generated by the Lum Kings, the purple colour of Murfy's paint was activated with the touchscreen, and appeared to be permanent, giving the player enough time to take them all.

Lums also have a significant larger role here as they are used to determine the player's score in many of the Online Challenges.

In Rayman Fiesta Run

Lums, as they appear in Rayman Fiesta Run.

In Rayman Fiesta Run, Lums are collected similarly to in Rayman Jungle Run. The main difference is that each time the player completes a level the Lums are added to a total Lum count. These Lums can be use to purchase costumes, artwork, power-up and new areas. Lums can also be purchased using real money through in-app purchases.

In Rayman Adventures

Two groups of Lums, as they appear in Rayman Adventures.

In Rayman Adventures, Lums appear throughout all of the levels as the main collectible which determines the players rewards upon completing a level. While the highest amount of Lums collected isn't visible by the player, any in-game friends will be able to see it upon completing a level. This does however not serve any real purpose in the game and is only there for friendly competition.

Lums from an artwork.

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