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A promotional screenshot of Jibberish Jungle showing the teamwork mechanics which can be used.

Jibberish Jungle, later revisited as Ticklish Temples, is the first world in Rayman Origins and the world where the majority of levels from Rayman Jungle Run take place. It was later used in Rayman Legends in the Back to Origins mode. This world has many elements in terms of graphics, notable characters and enemies that closely resemble the Dream Forest, a world from the original Rayman game.


The geography of both Jibberish Jungle and Ticklish Temples consists mainly of attributes found in grasslands, forests, and jungles. Various types of trees can be found as well as lots of moss and vines. It also appears that lots of erosion took place throughout the jungle as the protagonists find many hidden caves and crevices within the landscape to explore. Since the nightmares have spread, many Lividstones have begun to populate the area and have built shelters created from the nearby trees and vines.

In Rayman Origins

Jibberish Jungle
Jibberish Jungle
The Snoring Tree Desert of Dijiridoos
Connected to Ticklish Temples

Jibberish Jungle

Promotional screenshot of Jibberish Jungle.

Upon entering the Jibberish Jungle, Rayman and his friends discover that Betilla the Fairy has been captured by a Darktoon, and chase it in pursuit. They soon catch up and bubblize the Darktoon, freeing Betilla. This is when Betilla gives the heroes back their ability to punch. This event is a duplicated one in the Rayman series, as Betilla gave Rayman the same power in the first world of the original game as well.

The heroes then travel across various forest elements and jungle locations, including Tentacle claw-infested water, rainy atmosphere, opened and closed geysers, and grassy caves. They also meet various creatures including Lums, Swingmen, and Platformmen, all of whom help the team free the Electoons and reach the next world, the Desert of Dijiridoos. Before entering the second world, the boss that faces the heroes' way is a less dangerous, differently coloured version of the Mocking Bird, known as Boss Bird. The boss is found in Hi-Ho Moskito! where the heroes get to ride on the back of mosquitoes, similarly to the original game where Rayman was riding on Bzzit.


Ticklish Temples
Ticklish Temples
Mystical Pique Grumbling Grottos
Connected to Jibberish Jungle

Ticklish Temples

After meeting up with the Nymphs at the Dreamer's Door, the heroes must return to find one of four missing kings, this time entering deep into the woods in a place called the Ticklish Temples. This area is filled with many thick trees and caves, and is much more dangerous than previous worlds, requiring all of their skills to be used. Eventually the crew falls down a deep pit and encounter Carnivora, a monstrous daisy who chases them into a small area to fight them in. After three blows, Carnivora reverts into her benevolent form and congratulates the heroes on their success.


Early production

Main article: Rayman Origins (early production)

An early screenshot from Jibberish Jungle, showing the scrapped spiky fruit.

Several early screenshots depicted areas not seen in the final game, as well as the scrapped spiky fruit. The spiky fruit would have been added to the number of returning enemies from the original Rayman game.

In Rayman Jungle Run

The majority of the levels in Rayman Jungle Run take place in the Jibberish Jungle.

Jibberish Jungle
Rayman Legends' Jibberish Jungle
Olympus Maximus Desert of Dijiridoos
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In Rayman Legends

Jibberish Jungle returns as a world in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends. The levels from Jibberish Jungle and Ticklish Temples fuse together into one world with some levels, such as the Electoon stages, not being present. The levels themselves mostly remain the same, with some graphical upgrades. The Magician's hat has however been removed from the levels and some levels have been made easier. Geyser Blowout is know in the game as Geyser Blast.


Other appearances

Globox in the Jibberish Jungle in the game Slap, Flap and Go.

Jibberish Jungle also appears in the online flash game Slap, Flap and Go.