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The Roller Coaster Challenge in Rayman Revolution.

Roller Coaster Challenge is a minigame from Rayman Revolution. In Rayman 2, it formed the first segment of the Top of the World.

Located deep in the swamps is a special chair—anybody who rides it finds themselves on a wild rollercoaster ride through many dangerous obstacles. Unlike Rayman 2, in which the ride begins in a Canopy-like setting and then passes through a forest and some pipes, the ride in Rayman Revolution begins in a swamp, passes through ravines, a seaside cliff covered in barren rock and dead trees, a dark forest and some pipelines. In both versions, many Robo-Pirate installations stand in the chair's way.

Before Rayman may request that Ly the Fairy takes him to the Roller Coaster Challenge, Rayman must have collected ten Familiar Spirits. Afterwards, the Roller Coaster Challenge will always be accessible from Ly's House, Ly's Stele, and Ly's Cave.

After Ly transports him to the swamp, Rayman must leap onto a speeding chair. The chair sends him on a wild ride through forests, mountains, and other scenic locations. The player must tilt the control stick left or right to spin a speeding chair either clockwise or counter-clockwise so as to avoid incoming obstacles. The Roller Coaster Challenge is Rayman's first opportunity to increase his HP bar in Rayman Revolution. However, to do so, each of the twenty Red Lums must be collected—if Rayman misses even one, completing the ride will not count and he must start over again without any Red Lums.

There are no enemies on the ride, apart from a machine above a door that fires large bullets at Rayman. The machine does not have to be destroyed to complete the minigame, but Rayman can shoot it with his magic fist.

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