Military Academy

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The Military Academy's entrance.

The Military Academy is a Robo-Pirate school located in the Menhir Hills in all versions of Rayman 2.

The Academy can only be reached by using a walking shell to cross a large passage full of nettles. 9 Yellow Lums are found here, as well as 2 cages. The inhabitants of the Academy are several Robo-Pirates and a walking shell. The Academy consists mainly of a large building with two rooms; the main one houses four Robo-Pirates, while the other contains one. This one seems to be the boiler room, as various contraptions can be seen.

As soon as Rayman enters the level, Murfy flies in and warns Rayman about the walking shell on the other side of a nettle patch. Rayman tires the shell out, then rides it over the nettles. To access a cage outside of the Academy, Rayman must make the shell smash into a door. A sign outside the Academy, erected by Admiral Razorbeard, reads 'Military Academy. Please respect the need for total silence for the cadets' concentration.' The four Robo-Pirates in the Academy are all sleeping, making it easy for Rayman to despatch them. He can then choose to go into the boiler room, or to access the next part of the level, the Elite Troop Training Center.

In Rayman Revolution, once Rayman has beaten the Pirate Mines level, he can go back to the Military Academy and fully access the rest of it. In the boiler room is a sleeping purple Henchman 800 that must be defeated in order to access the last few Yellow Lums on the level. Rayman must do a Rain Dance on the boiler to deactivate a locked door, behind which are two more sleeping purple Henchman 800s. Once these two have been defeated, all the Yellow Lums can be accessed.