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Generator rooms are locations from Rayman Revolution. They appear at the end of the Precipice and the Echoing Caves. By destroying the generators within, Rayman is able to gain entry to the Pirate Factory. In both generator rooms, Rayman has to fight a Ninja Henchman. The rooms have three small lava pits and two laser gate doors; behind one them is an imprisoned Teensie and the other has the generator itself. It is actually not necessary to defeat the Ninja Henchman in order to destroy the generator, however it can be done by shooting him as he stands near a pool of lava, causing him to fall in. After the generator is destroyed, the Ninja Henchman disappears (if not already destroyed) and the lasers recede, freeing the Teensie so that he can open a Spiral Door back to the Teensie Circle.