Waterski Challenge

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Ssssam waiting for Rayman.

The Waterski Challenge is a mini-game exclusive to Rayman Revolution.

Before Rayman may request that Ly the Fairy takes him to the Waterski Challenge, Rayman must have collected thirty Familiar Spirits. Afterwards, the Waterski Challenge will always be accessible from Ly's House, Ly's Stele, and Ly's Cave.

After Ly transports Rayman to the Marshes of Awakening, he must shoot Ssssam's scarf. Ssssam will dart around the swamp once. During this time, Rayman must collect 25 Red Lums - if Rayman misses even one, completing the ride will not count and he must start all over again. If he manages to collect all of the Red Lums, his life bar will increase permanently.

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