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Alignment Presumably good, but claims allegiance to Robo-Pirates

Appears in Rayman 2 (Dreamcast version), Rayman Revolution
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Sex Male
Species Globox's species
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Relatives Globox (father)

Uglette (mother)
Brainox (brother)
Hardrox (brother)
Globber (brother)
Globs (brother)
Bimbette (sister)
Oktette (sister)
Other baby Globoxes (siblings; 650+ total)

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Everyone calls me Catastrox, but I don't know why...
—Catastrox, Globox Village

Catastrox is a baby Globox who appears in the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 and in Rayman Revolution.


Catastrox is red in colour, and is one of the few unique babies that come in colours other than the standard blue-green and pink. Catastrox seems to be insane; his eyes have a spiralling red-and-white pattern and is always slobbering. He is unsure that his name actually is Catastrox and does not know why the other babies call him such (presumably it is a portmanteau of ‘Catastrophe’ and Globox).

Catastrox appears to be in league with the Robo-Pirate army in some way; when he talks to Rayman, he sometimes claims, ‘No, I'm not an idiot. The proof is: all the Pirates are my friends!’. The trailer for Rayman Revolution seems to support this claim, as it shows Catastrox hatching from an egg amidst a group of four red Henchmen 800, in a scene which parodies Ridley Scott's classic science-fiction horror film Alien. Despite his possible allegiance to Admiral Razorbeard, Catastrox acts just as friendly towards Rayman as any of his siblings.

In the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2

In the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2, he appears in the Globox Village where he will speak to Rayman if he approaches him.

In Rayman Revolution

In Rayman Revolution, he appears as a playable character in the minigame Globox Disc. He could also briefly be seen in the official trailer where he hatched from an egg. In the Japanese version, he appears without any scales.


Catastrox in a poster for the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2.
Another poster that has Catastrox.