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The Blue Punch icon.

The Blue Punch is a power-up that appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, and Rayman Fiesta Run.

In Rayman Origins

The Blue Punch is an extremely rare power-up in Rayman Origins. Players can acquire it only in the second phase of the game, when Helena Handbasket tells the heroes to go and find the four Kings of the Glade of Dreams. The Blue Punch power-up can usually be found inside a well-hidden bubble. Collecting it gives the player a set of seven blue boxing gloves (each of which has a face that highly resembles that of a Lum). These boxing gloves can be thrown by pressing the attack button. They move linearly, instantly destroying every enemy it touches on its path. The Blue Punch is considerably more powerful than a regular attack, as it can defeat enemies that are usually indestructible, like robots. When all seven of the boxing gloves are used, the player character returns to their regular attack pattern; however, if they get hurt by an enemy before using up all of the gloves, they instantly lose them all. In this sense, the Blue Punch resembles the Power Fist, a similar power-up which increased the strength of Rayman's magic fist in Rayman 2. The player can reload their gloves if they gather another Blue Punch bubble; however, the limit is seven gloves per character. At one point in the development of the game, the Blue Punch gloves were larger, and each character could hold only four at a time. A scrapped yellow version of the Blue Punch, named the Super Punch, was found in the game's files and was later used in Rayman Fiesta Run.

In Rayman Legends

The Blue Punch returns in Rayman Legends as a level specific power-up, unlike in Rayman Origins, where it can be obtained as a collectible. In certain levels, Gandalf will grant the heroes the power-up. Also unlike in Rayman Origins, they are now unlimited, allowing the heroes to use the power-up to their hearts' content when in a level granting its use. The fist itself behaves the same as in Rayman Origins: when attacking, a Blue Punch is launched in the direction attacked, and by spin attacking, or throwing a charged punch, the Blue Punch will turn red and be set alight on take-off, increasing its speed and the amount of damage it is capable of dealing. It also one of the only weaknesses of the dark creatures.

In Rayman Fiesta Run

The Ultimate Flying Punch.

The Blue Punch returns in Rayman Fiesta Run and introduces a variant named the Ultimate Flying Punch. The Ultimate Flying Punch functions like the Blue Punch in Rayman Legends, but instead of being blue, it is golden. The Blue Punch reverts to acting like how it did with Rayman Origins, but instead of being limited to seven, it is now a time limited power-up. Once obtained, the player can shoot as many punches as they want, but they need to constantly re-obtain more Blue Punches. The Blue Punch notifies the player that it is about to run out by flashing from being appearing and disappearing. The Ultimate Flying Punch can be bought for 60 Lums for one use in the level it was bought in, or the player can buy it for unlimited use in any level in the shop menu for either real world currency or 10.000 Lums.